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Claire from JL the superhuman

Claire is hot


JL's little sister Claire

Claire Redfield Sketch from JL the superhuman

Claire_Redfield_Sketch from JL the superhuman


My little sister Claire

Claire Redfield-1-

My little sister Claire

Claire Darkside Chronicles-1-

My little sister Claire


My little sister

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My little sister

Claire as an anime character

JLs little sister Claire Redfield

Claire is the young sister of JL through out the series Claire starts to work with JL witch she normally calls him big brother Claire really cares about JL alot after running into a little girl Sherry Claire found out that Sherry is the daughter of two Umbrella researchers Annette and William Birkin JL is geting revenge after there mother and father was killed by Umbrella in Raccoon City seven years ago JL tried to destory the t-virus before it would spread from Raccoon City to Japan and the fuedal era but it was a secuss JL detoryed the virus after escaping the underground lab for Umbrella JL and Claire was cought but the self desterced system was set off by Claire Sherry was saperaed from Claire and JL. Claire and Sherry call him Jacob witch is his real name thats what JL told Kagome in the second movie JL loved his home town before it was blown up by a missle in the fuedal Japan JL was steeling his jewel shard other wise he would not control him self and he's geting revenge. Claire gave JL her jacket for Kagome Claire has really strong feelings for her big brother. Claire carryes a handgun with unlimated ammo JLs last name is not Redfield their mother and father decied to have a defferent last name for JL. Kagome can't beleave that JL and Claire are brother and sister. Claire will somtimes embaresse her big brother in front of Kagome she loves him more cause JL is the one she only worries about

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