JL and Kagome Higurashi

JL and Kagome

JL's wife Kagome

JL's babygirl

JL and Kagome's second kiss
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My wife is really cute

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JL what are you doing I'm not leting you leave me I'll miss you

Hey I'm not leting you leave then come with me JL ok

Kagome is hurt leave me and her alone
JL is laying on Kagome
JL are you holding me again
JL InuYasha woun't leave me alone InuYasha sit i can only pester Kagome your right JL
JL is about transform
Kagome from now one call me Jacob thats a cute name
JL is holding Kagome
JL and Kagome make a good team
JL and Kagome kissing
JL plece be ok
Hey Jacob I love you I love you to Kagome and I always will my baby guy my baby girl
JL and Kagome
JL and Kagomes first kiss
JL and Kagome's first meeting Kagome meets JL
JL and Kagome having a good time
JL and Kagome holding each other
JL and Kagome forever 2
JL and Kagome forever
JL and Kagome's second kiss

Kagome is kissing JL

Hey sleepy head nice to see your finally up
Jacob no i have to fight no your really hurt
Jacob i can here you ok i'm right next to you
Jacob get away from me InuYasha i shouldn't never beleive you
Jacob don't give up
Jacob Kagome your ok of course I am
I can't do this yes you can Kagome that voice JL your back yes i am Kagome forever
I'm coming JL
Get away from my husband
Come on JL Kagome your making me blush
JL and Kagome are married. Kagome cares about JL a lot like JL. JL promised he wouldn't let anything happen to his baby girl she is JL's hole world.
Kagome is upset sometimes when he leaves she doesn't like it when JL leaves and he doesn't like it when he leaves his little girl.