This is the first episode of JL the superhuman and the amazing rainbow glass dildo of courage. It takes to where JL steels his most treasured possesion, his first shart back from Umbrella, his bitch of a step mom who threw away his ben ten hentai and bomb schematics. JL then ends up in a tree by being fucked on  to it by three muscular fire fighters, they were named bill brent and brady. then it takes place in Japan as a schoolgirl named Kagome goes to school then ends up falling in the anus of her teacher, he tells her that if she tells anyone he will kill her and shove her head up his anus for eternity. and then she ends up in the fuedal Japan then she finds a supevirgin named JL with his shart in his hand then she was cought by Umbrella and she was taken back to the house, where the bitch tells her that she isn't gonna put up with this cross dressing shit much longer, it is then that kagome is found out to be a man by the name of Ted holland, a 19 year old white man with a fetish for woman's clothes and clits.  she escaped then JL woke up and tried to kill Kagome, because when they were totally making out he felt her dick, and it was bigger than his by a long shot. but he figured out she is no threat then she starts to blush when looks at him and ends up having a crush then Umbrella came and attacked JL, for being a fucking disappointment. but nothing happend he was still standing like a statue then he pulls his dick out and kill's every one the weapon is The small penis casue he's also made of shame and deep seeded sexual problems and memories of his gym coaches. later that same day Kagome asked JL to be his boyfriend he said yes so now their boyfriend and boyfriend until episode three they get married