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The morning wood and the grand ol'e cakeEdit

JL awoke on the morning of his 16th birthday to find that he had one gigantic boner, well it was only 2 inches, but pretty big by ole JL's standards. He then started to jerk off feriously to images of the 2008 obama presidential election, when suddenly his bedroom door banged open and both his parents, who still were dealing with the fact their teenage son wore a inuyasha costume everyday to school, rolled a cake into his bedroom. As JL came into his picture of a donkey fucking a labrador, he saw the cake and came harder. As he came the second time, his 95 year old grandmother emerged from the cake completely naked except for a pair of nipple tassles that she had rigged with little fans so the ends would blow in the wind like magnificent horses running on the open planes. JL immediately dove into to eat the cake as his parents immeddiately became aroused and started making sweet sloppy and disgustingly drippy love on JL's bunk bed, PS the only one the top bunk is the corpse of JL's twin brother, luke, who wasnt a dissappointment.

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