JL the superhuman
JL is a normal superhuman boy who is in love with a man, named Michael Leroch. JL is sometimes mad if someone kicks him in the clitoris. JL is really attracted to his sister Haley. His love for Haley grows stronger and he kills her to make sure no one else loves her.


Morning Wood This is JL's normal form he's been trying to keep his erection under his blanket at night but for some reason he cannot because when he transforms into his full fluged masturbating man form he loesess himself and cannot control it his lust for DAT ASS. jerking it has been rough because he lost his sister, Haley, after fucking her too hard.

Full fluged masturbating man This is JL second and final form this alouds JL to become more hard then ever his balls turn balck and his cock grow longer.


The crippling depression. This is JL's main weapon, he obtained it after he was strung up on the school's flag pole naked by the school's cafeteria staff. With his dick waving in the air he swore to never love himself again. 

The small penis. The small penis is small, it's really really small. It used to be huge, but then his step grandfather beat his penis off so hard that it digivolved into smallpenismon.


His girlfriend is Connor Pycha, a transexual he met a comic com dressed as winry. they've been togather a long time everytime JL and Connor bond their penises together with gorrilla glue they blush because they really love each other. JL has a close bond with Connor and the first time JL kissed Connor was on her chocolate starfish guess Connor needs JL in her life so after school JL asked her if she'll marry him she said no, but JL wasn't having that so he tied Connor up, and he said "saturday at your house, no changing" the wedding was on Saturday and the reception was at her house. JL was staying with Connor in her room. Sometimes if JL is could Conor lets him ware her cockring JL made her a shit dildo with his picture taped onto it so if he's gone she'll look at it, and give it a nice ol' shove up her ass. She has cheated on him several times.