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File:Claire's song for her big brotherFile:Claire-redfield-016.jpgFile:ClaireGunRE2-1-.jpg
File:ClairePoseRE2-1-.jpgFile:Claire DK Chronicles-1-.jpgFile:Claire Darkside Chronicles-1-.jpg
File:Claire Degeneration Render-1-.jpgFile:Claire Redfield-1-.jpgFile:Claire Redfield Sketch from JL the superhuman.jpg
File:Claire as an anime character.jpgFile:Claire from JL the superhuman.jpgFile:Come on JL Kagome your making me blush.jpg
File:Dang i've never JL so tired.jpgFile:Don't worrie Kagome i'll protecet you forever.jpgFile:Example.jpg
File:Feature.pngFile:Forum new.gifFile:Get away from my husband.jpg
File:Hey Jacob I love you I love you to Kagome and I always will my baby guy my baby girl.jpgFile:Hey Wesker I'm back Jacob.jpgFile:Hey don't be so shour about that Wesker JL.jpg
File:Hey sleepy head nice to see your finally up.jpgFile:I'm coming JL.jpgFile:I can't do this yes you can Kagome that voice JL your back yes i am Kagome forever.jpg
File:I love you JL I love you to Kagome.jpgFile:JL&kagome.jpgFile:JL's wife Kagome.png
File:JL InuYasha woun't leave me alone InuYasha sit i can only pester Kagome your right JL.jpgFile:JL and Kagome's first meeting Kagome meets JL.jpgFile:JL and Kagome's second kiss.gif
File:JL and Kagome.jpgFile:JL and Kagome Higurashi.jpgFile:JL and Kagome forever.jpg
File:JL and Kagome forever 2.jpgFile:JL and Kagome having a good time.jpgFile:JL and Kagome holding each other.jpg
File:JL and Kagome kissing.pngFile:JL and Kagome make a good team.jpgFile:JL and Kagome staring at each other.gif
File:JL and Kagomes first kiss.jpgFile:JL and Kagomes wedding.jpgFile:JL and Sango.jpg
File:JL and Sango make another cute cuple.jpgFile:JL are you holding me again.jpgFile:JL is about transform.jpg
File:JL is asking Sango to be his girlfriend.jpgFile:JL is holding Kagome.jpgFile:JL is laying on Kagome.jpg
File:JL plece be ok.jpgFile:JL the superhuman.jpgFile:JL the superhuman title.jpg
File:JL the superhuman title.pngFile:JL the superhuman title .jpgFile:JL what are you doing I'm not leting you leave me I'll miss you.jpg
File:JONAS BROTHERS - PARANOIDFile:Jacob I love you I know Kagome dark fire.jpgFile:Jacob Kagome your ok of course I am.jpg
File:Jacob don't give up.jpgFile:Jacob get away from me InuYasha i shouldn't never beleive you.jpgFile:Jacob i can here you ok i'm right next to you.jpg
File:Jacob no i have to fight no your really hurt.jpgFile:Jacob plaece be safe.jpgFile:Jacob yes Kagome i love you JL i love you to Kagome.jpg
File:JillValentineRER-1-.jpgFile:Jill Valentine.jpgFile:Kagome Higurashi.jpg
File:Kagome from now one call me Jacob thats a cute name.jpgFile:Kagome is crying for JL cause she really loves him.jpgFile:Kagome is hurt leave me and her alone.jpg
File:Kikyou1-1-.jpgFile:Make It Happen - Selena Gomez - FULL LYRICSFile:Placeholder item.png
File:Placeholder location.pngFile:Placeholder other.pngFile:Placeholder person.png
File:Resident Evil It's Terror Time Again!File:SangoScreenshot.jpgFile:Sango is happy to see her boyfriend.jpg
File:Sango is luaghing at JL's jokes.jpgFile:Sango is smiling at JL.jpgFile:Sango is throwing her weapeon at Wesker.jpg
File:Sango jl1024.jpgFile:Sherry Birkin-1-.jpgFile:Something is wrong with Jacob he doesn't feel good he's sick.jpg
File:Sonic Adventure 2 Music - Escape From The City (City Escape)File:Sonic Adventure 2 Music - That's The Way I Like It (Metal Harbor)File:Sonic Adventure 2 metal harbor JL's theme
File:Sonic Heroes Theme SongFile:Super Mario 64 Music - Main Theme Bob-Omb BattlefieldFile:Tomb Raider III OST - Title Theme
File:Wesker RECV-1-.jpgFile:Wikis in Plain English
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