The BattleEdit

It had all started when JL took note of some rude edits on his personal wiki. He saw a man, by the name of "Crimson head 98". Another le tro lo lo, trying to ruin JL's good fun. Well, no longer, with his trademark weapon "The Small Penis", he had charged it up with the magical stone of Nigger Valley, which gave the penis the ability of teleportation. So JL had teleported him, and Crimson to an abandoned Wal-Mart in southern Virgina. Crimson, in the buff was startled, and a little bewildered, at the sheer minisculity of JL's penis, it looked like it would make a perfect fit! However these thoughts were cut short, as JL had summoned his super hot gf Connor Pycha, the Transexual, and his Hermaphrodite son, THE JAKE LONG AMERICAN DRAGON, to cheer him on. JL then unsheathed his "The Small Penis", and charged at Crimson with an unbridled down syndrome fury. Crimson, attempted to flee, but turning his back on JL was the worst mistake he made. He felt a sharp sting. JL's rod was inserted into his anus. It was too late. The anal virginity he was saving for Chad Michaels, the glorious football quarterback, that threw him in the trash that one time he tried to suck Chad's dick in the locker room. Gone. JL had taken this glorious moment to look back at his family BUT WHAT IS THIS- Connor and THE JAKE LONG AMERICAN DRAGON are embracing in each other's love handles, with no regard for JL's feelings. JL dropped to the ground, his "The Small Penis" turning back into "The Crippling Depression". JL rolled up into the fetal position, shaking next to his arch-nemisis Crimson head 98. Crimson saw JL in such a state, and looked into his eyes. He saw the devestation and knew that feel. From when the lacrosse team raped him on his 13th birthday, when Crimson's parents were having drunk sloppy sex on his kitchen counter. Crimson felt empathy for JL, and straddled onto that dick. For once, the previous enemies were finally at peace. THEN JAMES CAME IN AND ATE EVERYBODY.



  • everyone i used in this story is a shithead